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Trusted Computing: An Introduction

posted by:Jason Millar // 02:40 PM // January 27, 2005 // TechLife

Trusted Computing (TC) is one of the hottest and most controversial topics in computer hardware and software design today. The thrust of this initiative is being spearheaded by the largest and most influential software and hardware companies in the world (see the Trusted Computing Web Site for a complete list).

This is a link to an introductory article that describes the basics of TC, and provides an overview of some of the controversial issues related to TC. EPIC also produced a piece on TC (they have some good links too) that can be found here.

I found this article very informative and relatively balanced. I'm sure it will spark some interest in the group.

I've also included a general TC FAQ. More radical TC interpretations can also be found including this one at NewsForge.

Trusted Computing is also closely linked to the Digital Rights Management technologies outlined by Alex Cameron, as it is a strong enabling and enhancing technology for anyone interested in implementing a DRM scheme.


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