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Profiling an ID Thief

posted by:Jeremy Hessing-Lewis // 09:34 AM // July 05, 2006 // Commentary &/or random thoughts | Digital Identity Management

The New York Times has posted an excellent profile of ID thief, Shiva Brent Sharma. He was the first charged under the New York State identify theft statute. The article draws attention to the relative ease with which ID theft is perpetrated and how this simplicity, combined with enormous payoffs, can seduce otherwise bright young people into criminality.

link (thanks Boing Boing)


Fascinating article, Jeremy. I was interested in Sharma's plan for recovery: "to stay clean long enough for his knowledge of fraud techniques to become obselete." I wonder how many happy personal connections will result from this partial disconnection from the networked society ...

Posted by: David Matheson at July 5, 2006 11:23 PM

Great article. I was most surprised to see that he returned to the site using the same code name.

Posted by: Ken Baker at July 14, 2006 10:22 AM

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