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"Girls Gone Wild:" Just As Bad As it Looks

posted by:Jeremy Hessing-Lewis // 04:23 PM // August 08, 2006 // Commentary &/or random thoughts | General

LA TImes has published an excellent article on Joe Francis, the man behind the Girls Gone Wild films. The article was written by staff writer Claire Hoffman, for whom the title "intrepid reporter" is certainly well-deserved. I think the sections on public exhibitionism and hyper-
sexualized gender are particularly relevant to the IDTrail project. Hoffman writes:

Francis has aimed his cameras at a generation whose notions of privacy and sexuality are different from any other. Nursed on MySpace profiles and reality television, many young people today are comfortable with being perpetually photographed and having those images posted on the Internet for anyone to see.

link (thanks Boing Boing)


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