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Comment on U.K.'s Proposed 'Supercomputer'

posted by:Carole Lucock // 05:53 PM // January 15, 2007 //

In today's U.K. Guardian, A.C. Grayling comments on the vision behind a proposed supercomputer.

"It is a vision of an obedient, orderly, quiet, submissive, tidy, untroublesome Britain, its little unit-clones of citizens lined up in queues, modestly glowing with solid bourgeois virtue, their height, weight, bank details, medical records, daily calorie intake, bowel movements, salary, TV viewing habits, voting record, sexual proclivities, parents' names, holiday destinations and shoe sizes all stored on a big, gleaming, throbbing computer in the basement of 10 Downing Street, with wires running to police HQ, MI5, every government ministry, the Inland Revenue, and the equally big, gleaming, throbbing but not-quite-working NHS computer, all stored and packaged ready to pop up at the press of a button as a citizen is tracked across town by thousands of CCTV cameras."

Click HERE for full article, "Computer Spells Woe."


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