understanding the importance and impact of anonymity and authentication in a networked society
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As a component of the On The Identity Trail research project, blog*on*nymity takes a multidisciplinary view of the multiplicity of issues, concerns and innovations surrounding online anonymity, identification and authentication. Blog*on*nymity features a blend of original content from our contributors and entries highlighting and linking to exciting articles and websites found elsewhere. Our contributors represent a distinguished array of philosophers, ethicists, feminists, cognitive scientists, lawyers, cryptographers, engineers, policy analysts, government policy makers, privacy experts, business leaders, blue chip companies, and successful start-ups. Our research partners include institutions in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


ID Trail Mix is the name for Blog-on-nymity's weekly op-ed style feature piece. Each Tuesday, a different researcher will have the opportunity to publish their opinion piece on a project themed topic/issue/idea that appeals to them. Be sure to come back every Tuesday to see the latest ID Trail Mix.


  • The might of many-to-many: you and I networking change This category is about people using the digital environment to connect with other people, be it through advocacy, activism, online communities, e-mail, etc. Think of this as spring board to discussions, links, websites, and ideas on what surrounds interpersonal online activity and communication. Items grouped under this category are focus on the activities and interactions rather than the applications and technologies. However, they too can be discussed here. This category is also about undoing, challenging and re-examining the existing paths of development, regulation, legislation and business practices that impede or hinder online anonymity.

  • Surveillance and social sorting A category for posts concerning surveillance issues, e.g., data-mining, video surveillance, the tracking of online activity and more. Items here discuss new technologies, applications and activities which have the power to ensnare the individual in a web of surveillance.

  • TechLife This category centers on new technologies, devices and applications that play a role in enhancing and/or eroding online anonymity, identity and its authentication. Rather than just posting about the specs and techs of something new, items in this category will also take a moment to post ideas on the possible interplay of 'this new thing', online anonymity, identity and authentication.

  • Digital Democracy: law, policy and politics Developments, implications and initiatives in law, policy and politics are ripe for discussion, dissemination and analysis on our blog. This category features the state of affairs in these areas, with a focus on their intersection with anonymity, identity and authentication.

  • Core Concepts: language and labels This category features items related to notions of anonymity/identity/authentication, employing language from a myriad of perspectives, as a means of examining these concepts through the lens of different disciplines. Ethics, psychology, cryptography, feminism, media theory, epistemology, technological and legal analysis all play a role in understanding and evolving these concepts.

  • Digital Identity Management This category is about insights and thoughts on anything related to technologies for collecting, managing, protecting, and sharing identity-related information. Blog contributions would comment on the privacy and security implications of new industry proposals, as well as on specific applications of digital identity management (such as electronic government, critical information infrastructures, digital rights management, and cross-domain enterprise data sharing).

  • Walking On the Identity Trail This category features announcements and information regarding the activities of On The Identity Trail researchers.

  • ID Trail Mix This category indexes the archive collection of the weekly ID Trail Mix editorial pieces.

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    This is a SSHRC funded project:
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